Frankie Cocozza hoping to 'work his way' through all the girls at bootcamp!

Frankie Cocozza x factor

Cheeky X Factor hopeful Frankie Cocozza has revealed he aims to 'work his way' through all the girls at this year's bootcamp. The 18-year-old wannabe, who auditioned in last night's first episode of the new series, also revealed more about his dodgy tattoo, which he flashed at new judge Tulisa!

He told the panel on last night's show: "I was doing a season in Malia. I managed to come home with seven girls tattooed on my bum."

But when the N-Dubz star didn't believe him, Frankie turned around to moon her and show off the list of names tattooed to his bum cheeks!


Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, he added: “I was working in a bar in Malia and these Scottish girls came in every night.

“When I was drunk I said I’d get their names tattooed on my bum if they paid. But I only slept with one of them.”

Performing Valerie for the new panel of judges - which included Take That star Gary Barlow - Frankie received four yeses and sailed through to bootcamp, with Louis telling him: "Frankie, it was a great audition. I think you’ve got a great rock voice. You’re a cheeky chappy.”

Talking on the show yesterday, Frankie also admitted: "I want to try and sleep with as many women as possible,” he said at the top of the show.

“To sum up my life, I’d probably use the word mental. If you came out on a night with me, you’d probably wake up the next morning wondering what happened last night."

And it sounds as though Frankie's wasting no time in bedding the girls, saying today about bootcamp: “I’m going to work my way through all the girls.”

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