Disappointed Tulisa misses her debut as an X Factor judge!

Tulisa Contostavlos

While more than 11 million viewers tuned into the launch of The X Factor 2011 last night, new judge Tulisa Contostavlos wasn't one of them. The feisty N-Dubz star, who was seen rowing with George Gerasimou in a shocking audition on the programme, was on stage at V Festival as the show aired.

Asked at last Wednesday's premiere what she would be doing when the show started, a disappointed Tulisa replied: "I'm going to be away! I'm at V Festival, I'm on stage while [The X Factor] is airing!"

Speaking on the red carpet outside London's O2 Arena, Tulisa also refused to claim the show would be better without Simon Cowell.


"They're two completely different dynamics. I think they're both amazing in their own right, I can't stay because I'm on the inside," she revealed.

And with the inevitable Cheryl Cole comparisons well under way, Tulisa insisted she wasn't annoyed: "Cheryl comparisons are always going to happen, I'm not offended, Cheryl's beautiful!"

Meanwhile it sounds like the hip hop singer may already be getting used to the perks of being an X Factor judge, reportedly demanding her own dressing room at the event. It comes as tensions within the band continue to grow ahead of their year apart.

"Tulisa is going to use her own dressing room, she wants to avoid the stress," a source is quoted as saying.

The X Factor 2011 continues on Saturday.

> More than 11 million tune into the launch of The X Factor 2011

PIC: ITV/Syto/Talkback Thames

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