Gary Barlow and Kelly Rowland turn to X Factor boss Simon Cowell for advice

Gary Barlow 2011

New X Factor judges Gary Barlow and Kelly Rowland have admitted they've been turning to boss Simon Cowell for help and advice on the show. Despite working on the other side of the Atlantic, the pair revealed how Simon has been keeping a close eye on the show and how the new judges were working out.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Take That star Gary Barlow - who regularly performs to some 40,000 people at a time - confessed to being shy!

“Simon always says the same thing – ‘You’ve got to be yourself.'," he revealed. “I’ve struggled the most because I’ve not really ever spoken like this on TV before."


He continued: “It’s so different from doing interviews about your album. I still feel like I am coming to terms with being myself on camera.

“I’ve never, ever felt I’ve completely been myself before on TV so it’s really taken me out of my comfort zone.”

And speaking about being compared to Simon Cowell on the show, Gary insisted: "Simon is the master.

"I'm just very serious about music so when someone comes on stage I just like to be honest."

Meanwhile former Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland, who is quickly becoming our favourite judge on the panel, added that following Simon's advice she can't stop boasting about her achievements!

“Simon told me not to be shy about my experience. Now I can’t shut up!" she laughed

The X Factor 2011 continues next Saturday.


PIC: Copyright ITV/Syco/Talkback Thames

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