Gary Barlow annoyed as fellow X Factor judges put Goldie Cheung through to bootcamp

Goldie Webb Cheung X Factor 2011

New X Factor judge Gary Barlow was left annoyed by his fellow judges when they put through Goldie Cheung on the show. The 48-year-old from Hong Kong split the panel, with ‘serious judge’ Gary dead against the idea that the wacky hopeful should progress.

Goldie's audition started with producer Mark Sidaway telling the panel: "We’ve got a bit of a problem with the contestant back stage. She’s feeling a bit sick."

But after almost throwing up on Dermot O'Leary, Goldie is eventually well enough to face the panel.

She tells them: "My name’s Goldie Cheung, I’m 48 and originally from Hong Kong.

"I’m feeling very tired because last night I wasn’t feeling very well - I threw up. I want this very much. When I was a little girl I used to look in the mirror and pretend I was a star. I want to be as big as Tina Turner.


"People will listen to me, people will watch me. I don’t think the judges have seen somebody like me before."

And after telling the judges about her sickness backstage, Gary Barlow joked: "In that case, you can step back from the X."

Golide then revealed she'd be singing an original song called 'copper Bell', before she launched into a crazy dance routine.

"It’s been a long time since I’ve had a stranger’s leg around my neck," Gary Barlow remarked.

Meanwhile Louis Walsh was up his old tricks, asking:"Do you have a second song? I want to see that!"

Despite an intense stare from Gary, Louis pushed Golide to perform again, this time singing Tina Turner's Proud Mary.

"Goldie, I loved you from the moment you walked out on that stage. You’ve got great energy. I love you." Louis told her.

Tulisa added: "She’s so refreshing. I’m sold, I love it!"

But an annoyed Gary interrupted: "We’re not really having this conversation, are we? No."

With the decision left in Kelly's hands, the Destiny's Child singer said: "The moves, the voice, it all needs work. But I think you can pull it off. It’s a yes!"

Gary can only look on in disbelief!

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