Kitty Brucknell narrowly avoids talking her way out X Factor bootcamp!

Kitty Brucknell x factor

Kooky singer Kitty Brucknell came close to talking her way out of a place at bootcamp on this evening's first X Factor episode. The 26-year-old performed The Edge of Glory for the panel, but annoyed the new line up of judges after she became cocky following praise.

Before her audition, Kitty said: "I’ve been singing paid jobs since I was 15. I know I can sing and I’m not going to make any excuses for that.

"My style: I created my own little brand – diva-glam-pop. I wanted to title my album that. I’ve got a team, called Team Kitty. I have a couple of producers I like recording with, choreographers that I like working with. I have a make-up artist, she’s amazing… My make-up artist could not be here, I did my own make-up today.

"I just want people to like me. If they don’t like me, I’m not going to have any record sales. If people like me, the cameras will come later."

Speaking to the judges before her performance, Kitty told Kelly Rowland: "I’ve had a lot of ‘nos‘ in my life. I’ve reached the age of 26 and I want to give this a shot and I’m not going to come away with any regrets, I’m going to give it my best shot."

And Kitty, perhaps tellingly, revealed: "I’ve come on my own. I begged my friends to come with me and they were just like, ‘no, I’m working’. I think they’re a bit scared."


After singing the Lady GaGa track, the judges were impressed.

"Wow," Gary Barlow started, "Kitty, that was a great audition. You give us the hard, the soft, the medium. You’re full of body, you filled the whole of the O2. The audience loved it."

Louis added: "Kitty, it was a great audition. You know, you can sing girl, you’ve got talent."

But Kitty then changed, walking to the edge of the stage before plonking herself down and swinging her legs over the side. "I’ve always wanted to sit here," she said.

"I was sitting back stage and I heard all the audience roaring. I thought if I walk of this stage and the audience and judges say ‘no’, I’ve still performed for 4000 people at the O2. You have no idea – that’s probably one of my biggest dreams, to do something at the O2. I’m speechless!"

"Kitty, you’ve done really well, I think you should let the guys finish talking," Gary warned as Kitty started to irritate the panel.

"Kitty, I want to make sure you remember the girl who went through all of those ‘nos’, and remember that place that you were when you got here," Kelly explained.

Meanwhile Tulisa said: "You’ve got a very quirky personality. People will either love you or hate you. I hope they love you because with that vocal you really touch me. It was very haunting."

The judges put Kitty through to the next round, but admitted their worries once she was off the stage.

"What was scary to me is that I saw two different people," Kelly said. "Very humble on one note, and then when everyone started saying yes she was… so comfortable so quick, and that is a scary place to be."

Backstage and Kitty was already playing up: "This is the crazy part where the press start chasing you down the street, and I get evicted because there are so many paparazzi waiting outside my house. You know, the fame."

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