Frankie Cocozza's voice and bum impress The X Factor judges!

Frankie Cocozza x factor

18-year-old Frankie Cocozza impressed The X Factor 2011 panel tonight with both his singing - and his bum! The self confessed ladies man from Brighton performed Valerie for the new look panel in the first audition of the new series, held at London's O2 Arena for the first time.

"I want to try and sleep with as many women as possible," he said at the top of the show.

He continued: "To sum up my life, I’d probably use the word mental. If you came out on a night with me, you’d probably wake up the next morning wondering what happened last night.

“I see myself as a bit of a liability, but I can admit that. I just want to be famous. I want to be huge. I look forward to all the money, and the cars, and showing off, but more than anything I’m looking forward to the girls.

“The lady judges may get a couple of cheeky winks if they’re lucky."

On stage, Louis asked: "What’s the most important thing to you in this competition, why have you done it?"

To which Frankie joked: "To get lots of girls.”


And he revealed: "I was doing a season in Malia. I managed to come home with seven girls tattooed on my bum.

Following Frankie's mooning to the panel per Tulisa's request, Kelly declared: "I freaking love the UK! You gotta love it here. He came on, he showed his ass, literally. You’ve got to love that."

Gary meanwhile asked: "With tattoos and stuff, when you get to 65 and your grandkids go, ‘Granddad, what are those names on your bottom for?’, what are you going to say?"

But the cheeky chap replied: "I don’t know why my grandkids would be looking at my bum!"

And he said he'd quite happily add Tulisa and Kelly's names to his bum if it was s a yes from the judges!

After performing, Tulisa remarked: "It’s quite clear that the girls already love you. And I think after that audition it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

An infatuated Kelly told him: "I like you. I usually like the bad boys. Especially when they make you talk like this. It’s so United States of America. I like you, I like your whole vibe. I like the fact that you’ve got eight girl’s names tattooed on your butt."

And even the guys enjoyed it, with Gary saying: "I really enjoyed every bit of it. The stage presence, the Rod Stewart vocals, I think people are going to love you. Well done.

Louis added: "Frankie, it was a great audition. I think you’ve got a great rock voice. You’re a cheeky chappy. So now we’re going to vote."

Becoming the first auditionee of the new series through to bootcamp, Frankie said backstage: "I loved every minute of it. Kelly and Tulisa are going to be added to my tattoo list and they’re going to be on my bum for the rest of my life."

> Frankie Cocozza's bum is what makes Kelly Rowland love the UK!

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