Kelly Rowland reveals her love of X Factor's wacky acts!

Kelly Rowland 2011

While Gary Barlow is annoyed at Louis Walsh for putting through rubbish singers and is on the phone to Simon Cowell to get them out of the competition, Kelly Rowland has revealed her love for The X Factor oddballs! Speaking to The Sun ahead of tonight's launch, Kelly even admitted to being a big fan of Wagner.

The hairy Brazilian went from a classical singer to wacky performer after being put in Louis Walsh's category on last year's show, with performances that included bongos and plenty of scantily clad girls.

"When I saw Wagner perform and he had palms trees and stuff on the stage I thought, 'God dog it, I don't like his voice but I'm having fun watching it'," Kelly said.


She added: "That's what it's about. It's Saturday night. It's supposed to be fun. We want people with good voices and big personalities."

But it's a confession that's sure to annoy fellow new X Factor judge Gary Barlow, who said today: "The TV companies are always going to push for the ridiculous acts to get through, but I’m hoping we can resist so many this year.

“I know it’s Saturday night entertainment and people want something to love and to hate and to laugh at. We’ll see if it’s possible (to axe the oddballs)."

Tonight's opening show sees the first 'oddball' of the series, with Goldie Webb Cheung's bizarre performance splitting the panel.

Meanwhile Kelly Rowland, who has been jetting back and forth between the US and UK for the show, said she felt as though she "had" to do the show.

She told the newspaper: "To be in the business for 17 years and pick up so much knowledge, you've got to give it back. There are kids here whose work ethic is great, they're so hungry."

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