Gary Barlow vows to 'axe The X Factor oddballs' and clean up the show!

Gary Barlow 2011

X Factor's new head judge Gary Barlow is has revealed he's in talks with boss Simon Cowell to get rid of the "oddballs" from this year's show. The Take That front man, who makes his debut tonight as a rather serious and harsh X Factor judge, also wanted to "clean up" the show's image.

Speaking about wacky acts such as Wagner and Jedward, Gary told The Sun: "The TV companies are always going to push for the ridiculous acts to get through, but I'm hoping we can resist so many this year.

"I know it's Saturday night entertainment and people want something to love and to hate and to laugh at. We'll see if it's possible (to axe the oddballs). I'll let you know."


And the man band star promised he'd stand up for what he believed in on the show: "If I feel passionately about the acts, of course I'll argue."

He added: "A lot of these people are not ready. You have to be honest. I hope I'm Mr Honest. I'm serious about music."

Gary also vowed to "clean up" the show after complaints about raunchy and sexy performances from acts such as Rihanna in previous years.

"When I was watching - and I have a ten and an eight-year-old watching it - the Christina Aguilera stuff was too much for me," he told the newspaper.

Meanwhile Gary praised his fellow X Factor judges, well... two of them, anyway.

Gary said: "It's a good team of people. I've only recently met Kelly (Rowland) and we're very alike.

"And Tulisa (Contostavlos) brings a whole new edge. I haven't got my finger on the pulse like she has. She brings in a whole new perspective."

We wonder what's going on between him and Louis!

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