Kelly Rowland reveals her favourite thing about The X Factor... Louis Walsh's bum!

Louis Walsh

Kelly Rowland seems to have a thing for bums, or butts as she prefers to call them. In tomorrow's first audition show the US singer declares her love for the UK when one contestant moons on stage, and now she’s revealed her favourite thing about The X Factor: Louis Walsh's behind!

"I can’t stop touching Louis’ butt...I literally touch his butt every time I see him, he has the cutest little booty!” she tells TV Buzz in tomorrow's The Sun

She also reveals her thoughts on her new colleagues, “Everyone wanted us to hate each other, but they are all so nice.”

The Destiny Child’s star added she has no worries of old X Factor flame Cheryl Cole rejoining the panel, in fact – she’s quite the fan of the Geordie beauty, “I truly believe that when an opportunity is supposed to happen for you then it’s gonna happen...I love Cheryl, but you can’t worry about things like that.”

Take a look at the stunning singer in the photo shoot below!

Kelly Rowland Buzz

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