Will wacky Kitty Brucknell talk her way out of getting a yes at her audition?


Wacky X Factor hopeful Kitty Brucknell could find herself talking her way out of getting a yes at her audition when it airs tomorrow. The kooky 26-year-old singer comes out to face the new panel of judges on the first X Factor audition show Saturday evening, but it's unlikely to be her singing she's remembered for.

Revealing - perhaps tellingly - that she was unable to muster a single friend or family member to join her for the audition, Kitty steps out to face the panel.

Performing an acapella version of Lady GaGa's 'Edge Of Glory', the emotional and nearly note perfect audition wowed the judges - but as they heap on the praise, Kitty changes.


Gary tells her: "Your voice is amazing. That was a great audition and the audience loved it.”

Kitty then sits on the edge of the stage swinging her legs while the panel give their comments, but as she continues to interrupt them, Kelly Rowland and Gary Barlow grows annoyed.

Telling the judges how she deserves the chance to audition, Kelly warned her: "Remember the girl who went through all of those nos."

Tulisa commented: "You remind me of Katie Waissel. You have a very quirky personality. You're a bit like marmite, I think people will either love or hate you."

Incorrectly saying she's "speechless", Kitty's continual chatter starts to make the judges turn, with their originally ecstatic comments turning to harsh criticism.

Will the panel put Kitty through or has she blown her big chance?

The X Factor 2011 starts tomorrow at 8PM on ITV1.

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