Gary Barlow: We'll give the rubbish X Factor category to Louis Walsh!

Gary Barlow 2011

New X Factor judge Gary Barlow has joked that the producers we'll give this year's duff category to Louis Walsh, as the remaining trio fight over who gets the boys and girls. Speaking at Wednesday's launch, the judges revealed that the youngsters this year were better than ever.

"All I will say is there's two [categories] in particular I would like but I'm not sure if they [the producers] will stitch me up or not!" Tulisa said.

Kelly meanwhile hinted again that the groups were struggling: "The talent we've collected as has been phenomenal and it makes it hard, when you look at the overs, guys, girls..."


Head judge Gary Barlow however couldn't resist having a pop at Louis, joking: "We're not sure who is going to be in which category yet as we're only halfway through bootcamp, but whichever category is rubbish we'll just give it to Louis."

The Irish music mogul quipped: "It’s the happened the last few years!"

He added: "I think the girls are incredibly strong."

Meanwhile Gary said that the young talent was "incredible" on this series.

"The 16 and 17 year olds are for me the most exciting as they've grown up watching the show. It's almost like they've made themselves into the best artist for the show. It's incredible, you cant believe they're 16 or 17."

The X Factor 2011 kicks off tomorrow at 8PM on ITV1.

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