Gypsy X Factor hopeful claims he was 'encouraged to be a stereotype'

X Factor 2011

A gypsy hopeful has claimed X Factor bosses urged and encouraged him to act like a 'stereotypical' traveller in order to make good telly. 27-year-old George Webb, whose audition in London we covered on the website earlier this year, said that bosses even asked him to bring his caravan along.

He was allegedly told to "behave like he would in his community".

But George, who lives on a fixed caravan park in Kent, refused - and reckons that's why bosses gave him the axe.

"I was asked to be like they are on Big Fat Gypsy Weddings," he told The Sun today. "They asked me to bring my caravan to the hotel, saying it must be awkward living in a hotel and it must be tough for me because I am used to being in a caravan.


"They had cleared it all with the hotel but when I said no because it would affect me in the competition, and that I didn't want to be known as the gypsy in the house, they lost interest in me."

And George confirmed rumours of a 'sexed up' bootc amp, saying that one hopeful was already boasting about bedding a girl: "In the morning he was shouting, 'I've had sex already - I love it'."

The complaints didn't stop there, with George continuing: "In three days I had a pizza, a burger with no sauce and a bottle of water.

"My audition wasn't until 2am and I had been waiting since 8am so I can't say I was at my best. But there are plenty of terrible singers still there."

However last night a spokeswoman for the show hit back: "George asked if he could bring his caravan to the hotel because he'd sleep better.

"After liaising with the hotel we agreed, as we want our contestants to be as comfortable as possible."

The X Factor 2011 starts tomorrow at 8PM on ITV1.

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