Chloe Mafia describes her X Factor "hell" one year on...

Chloe Mafia

With The X Factor back on our screens this weekend, you - like us - are probably wondering "How is Chloe Mafia getting on?". Fortunately, Star magazine went and caught up with the controversial X Factor auditionee from last year's show to see what's been happening...

Chloe auditioned in front of Simon Cowell last year, and made it through to bootcamp before being chucked out of the show. During her short stint however Chloe hit the headlines time after time, with claims of prostitution and drugs.

"I am grateful for getting the chance to go on The X Factor last year," she tells the magazine in an interview this week.

Ruling out a return to the show, she added: "But what I went through in the press afterwards was the worst thing ever.

"I definitely wouldn’t want my children to go on The X Factor, it wouldn't be fair on them."


And Chloe reveals she would never audition again for the show, explaining: "There isn't just one I'd change about my X Factor experience, I would change everything.

"As soon as I walked out on stage to sing, people in the audience started shouting things at me."

Despite the abuse, Chloe made it to bootcamp, although she found it tough coping with the press attention after the show aired last August.

"I went into my local Asda and my face was on the front of every newspaper," she recalls. "They were saying the worst thing that you could ever say about someone... that I was a prostitute."

Chloe denies the allegations, explaining pictures of her that appeared in the paper came from her job as a promo girl.

"You go and meet someone wearing sexy underwear and dance about, but it's not prostitution. You also do jobs like car shows and other times of promotions."

Watch Chloe's audition below...

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