Louis Walsh claims he didn’t want to be The X Factor head judge anyway!

Louis Walsh 2011

X Factor vet Louis Walsh has claimed he never wanted to be The X Factor's head judge, after complaining about Gary Barlow stealing the role! Speaking on the red carpet at yesterday's X Factor 2011 launch, Louis said he couldn't get enough of the Take That front man on the show.

"I love Gary, I've always been a big of him, I saw Take That and copied it with Boyzone!" Louis admitted.

And he put to bed arguments between Louis and Gary over who was the head judge on the show.

Louis had previously joked: “After eight years on the show and being the only surviving original judge I was expecting to be head judge this year, but on day one Gary stole my head judge mug and sat in Simon’s old seat… there’s always next year I suppose!”


But yesterday he explained: "I have my own seat at the end of the table, Gary is sitting where Simon used to sit at the other end of the table for eight years. I never wanted Simon's seat!

"I love Gary, if I had to pick a dream panel, I'd pick Gary. I'm such a fan, he's a song writer, he's been up and he's been down. I've always been a big fan, even when others didn't like him!"

The Irish music mogul also revealed this week that the new panel has a whole had gelled well on the show, despite some of them not knowing anything about one another before the first audition show. “The panel is working so well, there’s really good chemistry and energy between us all," Louis said.

He continued: “It’s really the most fun I’ve ever had filming the show and I think it’s going to be a great series. I’ve always been a huge fan of Gary’s so it’s great to work with him, Kelly is a revelation and so passionate, she is definitely competitive so she’ll be the one to watch in the live shows.

“I didn’t really know who Tulisa was before but now I feel like I have known her all my life, she’s so real and had an incredible life, I think she’ll be a huge asset to the panel.”

Meanwhile ‘head judge’ Gary Barlow said the pressure was off Louis when the show returns this weekend.

“Louis has already proved himself as the longest standing judge on X Factor, so I’m aware all eyes will be on the new judges to see what we’ll bring to the table,” he explained. “I just want to be here to help people and I want them to be able to look up to me and be able to say to me, ‘Tell me, do I do this or this?’”

Gary, Louis, Kelly Rowland and Tulisa kick off The X Factor 2011 this Saturday at 8PM.

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