N-Dubz star Dappy is moaning about The X Factor... again

Tulisa Contostavlos

N-Dubz star Dappy has once again hit out at The X Factor, saying that no "real" music or artist will ever come from the show. It's the latest rant against the programme from the hip-hop star, which band mate and cousin Tulisa Contostavlos is now a judge on.

In a way it's good to see that his pal's success hasn't changed his opinion.

The 24-year-old moaned: "F*** X factor and every thing they stand for, no real original music or artist will ever come off that fake show exept Leona Lewis..NaNa. [sic]"

Earlier this month the rapper complained about the show being "unfair" to artists such as himself.

"For X Factor, you have to stand in a queue and you’re not famous but after that first audition you get people coming up to you asking for pictures for the next six months – whether you win or lose,” he said. “So you’re famous coming out of that one audition. The broadcasting is massive for that."

He added: "But it’s not fair that people like us, we struggle how many years trying to get success? These people go and do one or two auditions and they come back famous for six or seven months – just like that."

Fed up his continuous outbursts against the show, X Factor bosses banned Dappy from taking part in Tulisa's judges' houses later this month.

But despite all the moaning, it seems as though Dappy is set to ignore it all by taking full advantage of the show's 15-million strong audience by performing on the live show's later this year.

> Tulisa's bandmate Dappy has been moaning about The X Factor being 'unfair' again!

> X Factor bosses 'ban' N-Dubz stars Dappy and Fazer from Tulisa's judges' houses

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