X Factor reps deny hopefuls held 'all night parties' at this year’s bootcamp!

X Factor 2011

Representatives for The X Factor have denied stories suggesting that the boot camp contestants had all night parties earlier this week. It was reported on Monday that bosses had provided the then 250 remaining hopefuls with free booze on tap as they filmed them 24/7 at a London hotel.

A source told The Sun: "Producers want scandal, sex and break-ups.

“They know it will freshen up the series and boost ratings. The house is going to be one long party for the singers. And it will all be filmed to titillate viewers.”


However, yesterday a spokesperson for the show denied the claims, saying that the hopefuls were provided only with a few complimentary drinks on their arrival for the start of the next stage in the competition.

"We take our responsibilities extremely seriously and the welfare of our contestants is of paramount importance," the rep commented.

They added: "The welcome party was strictly supervised and the finalists house will be too."

The spokesperson also denied claims that certain singers had been put through due to their supposed good looks and "romantic availability".

Meanwhile the first day of bootcamp started with a shock for some hopefuls, who were kicked out before they even had a chance to sing.

"We don’t believe everyone standing in front of us has the potential to make it all the way in this competition,” Gary Barlow explained. “Some of you are going home now. I’m so sorry – you’re going home."

Those remaining in the competition tomorrow will perform in front of 10,000 fans at Wembley Arena.

> X Factor 2011 judges kick contestants out of bootcamp before they even sing!

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