X Factor's Tulisa: I'm not going to starve myself to look like Cheryl Cole!


New sexy X Factor star Tulisa has told pals there's no way she's bowing to pressure to look like Cheryl Cole, insisting she'll continue eating the way she wants to! According to heat magazine, the N-Dub star - who looks hotter than ever in these new pictures - wants to lead a fun life instead of dieting and working out!

She supposedly told friends: "When I've got a hangover, I want to eat the hangover off. I love my food, especially roast chicken with all the trimmings."

The source revealed: "Tulisa is normal, she loves being in her kitchen and cooking. She's definitely not one of these celebrities calorie-counting at every meal. She's determined to stay true to herself.

"Tulisa is pretty rebellious and likes to does things her way, so she won’t be pushed into anything"

They added: "Ultimately, Tulisa does want to look her best on TV."

And as these sexy new pictures show, the hip hop songstress is looking better than ever ahead of her X Factor debut on Saturday.


The source continued: "The main thing that Tulisa refuses to do is cut down on her drinking.

"Tulisa is fun, and being on a diet and working out isn't what she'd cal fun."

And the insider claimed that Tulisa was worried about being compared to Cheryl: "One of the hardest things for Tulisa is the obvious comparisons that will be drawn between her and Cheryl Cole. Cheryl is naturally smaller than her and absolutely tiny the flesh.

"Tulisa knows she can't ever be as skinny as Cheryl."

After looking at these pictures, all we can think is “Cheryl who?”


Meanwhile according to Closer magazine, Tulisa has been told by bosses not to "push herself" to look like Chezza.

"They're worried about her going too far. She's getting emotional as the pressure builds,” a source said.

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The X Factor 2011 stats on Saturday.

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