Pictures: X Factor 2011's Gary Barlow looking more hunky than ever!

Gary Barlow

New X Factor 2011 judge Gary Barlow looks more hunky than ever in these new glamour shots for the show. The Take That front man takes over as head judge on the show - much to Louis Walsh's disappointment! - on a new look panel including Kelly Rowland and Tulisa Contostavlos.

Speaking about joining the show, Gary said: "It always comes back to the talent for me.

"I wanted to be part of that process of finding a star. You can be sat through four hours of auditions and nobody grabs your attention, and then that one star walks out on stage and it reminds me of why I’m here judging.


"It’s kind of sweet for me, I’ve just played all these dates on this tour, the biggest tour we’ve done, and it’ll be nice for me to spend the next six months of the year finding the next big star."

And hunky Gary said ITV couldn't have made a better choice with this year's new judges.

"I suppose in terms of who they could have picked to be new judges alongside Louis, there’s no-one more valid than me, Kelly and Tulisa," he explained.

"We’re out there doing it right now, we’re selling tickets, selling records, and we’re out there doing what these guys want to be doing."

Gary Barlow

Meanwhile the award winning songwriter said that the young hopefuls took him back to the start of his career, aged just 15.

"The very young auditionees definitely take me back to when I was starting out in the music industry. They bound on to the stage, full of energy, and it really reminds me of my teenage years," he revealed.

"They come on and they are so excited and it’s great when you get good ones because you know that you could help them onto the next stage of their career. It’s a really good feeling."

Gary Barlow

And revealing what he was looking for in an X Factor winner, Gary said: "They have to have a really good voice, because without that it’s hard to think where they’d go. And they need to have the passion, the personality, the stage-presence.

"I’m really looking for the overall package, but basically if someone came on stage and just had an amazing voice and they just keep their eyes shut, that’s enough for me, I think over the next few months we could train the rest into them."

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The X Factor 2011 starts on August 20.

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