Bosses want "scandal, sex and break-ups" at X Factor 2011 bootcamp

Simon Cowell

The X Factor 2011 bootcamp got well underway yesterday as 250 or so successful auditionees travelled to London for the next stage in the competition. The wannabes were given champagne on arrival and have been offered free booze for the entirety of their stay, all in a bid to "sex up" the show.

And Simon Cowell has reportedly demanded that the remaining hopefuls are filmed 24 hours a day in a Big Brother style to make sure that viewers get to see everything that goes on.

The Sun also claims that "nightly pool parties" are also being encouraged by show bosses.


A source told the tabloid this morning: "Producers want scandal, sex and break-ups.

"They know it will freshen up the series and boost ratings. The house is going to be one long party for the singers. And it will all be filmed to titillate viewers."

The newspaper claims X Factor bosses decided on the new fly-on-the-wall aspect to the show after being impressed by ITV2 series The Only Way Is Essex!

And in another claim that's sure to be controversial, insiders revealed that contestants have apparently been chosen for their looks and "romantic availability", rather than talent, in the hopes of boosting the odds of flings between contestants.

With sexy superstar Rihanna set to help judge the bootcamp stages later this week, it's sure to become a saucy few days for the contestants.

The X Factor 2011 starts on August 20.

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