Tulisa loves harsh but passionate Gary Barlow on The X Factor!

X Factor London Tulisa Contostavlos

New X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has described her fellow new panellist Gary Barlow as the "harshest judge" on this year's show, but insisted the Take That front man is really quite lovely behind the scenes! Speaking to The Independent today, Tulisa added she won't be reading any bad press about herself.

Asked about the investible fashion battles and criticisms for being too fat and too thin - more than likely coming from the Daily Mail, Tulisa insisted: "I won't read it," she says.

In the interview, Tulisa said she "gave up" reading articles about herself because they were all rubbish. She explains one such made up story: "They said I trashed a hotel room in Miami, but I would never trash a hotel room. I always tidy hotel rooms before I leave."


She added: "Always!"

Meanwhile Tulisa heaped praise on Gary Barlow, saying: "He's lovely, but because he is so passionate about his music he actually gets really offended if someone comes on and they are terrible, so he's the harshest judge."

And we can certainly believe it, he told one auditionee: "I loved you when you came out, you look like a popstar, a great image, a great personality…. but then the voice started"

He blasted another at the Manchester auditions: "You’re everything this competition doesn’t need. You’ve come on with this look and dyed your hair and it’s because you have no talent at all.”

But the Take That star has also shown his softer side, shelling out £100 for a taxi to take one elderly singer home after her audition.

The X Factor 2011 starts next Saturday on ITV1.

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