X Factor judge Tulisa says no telly bosses will tell her what to do!

Tulisa Contostavlos

Rebellious X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has said that no telly bosses will tell her what to do on the show this year, saying she's always going to follow her own opinion. The feisty 23-year-old hip hop star added to The Independent that she was preparing herself for the pressure.

In an interview with the newspaper, Tulisa also hit out at critics over her controversial confessions to smoking cannabis and underage sex and drinking.

Tulisa previously said she was "lucky" to have lost her virginity at 14, adding: "I smoked weed when I was a kid and got into fights. We did pinch a couple of handbags. I wasn’t part of a girl gang, though.

"We were just a group of troublesome chicks. Obviously, we were consuming so much weed and alcohol, we were going loopy anyway.”


Tulisa said this week about the comments: “I was being slated because I’d said I’d smoked weed. I said: ‘Hang on. There are so many celebrities out there who do cocaine but you don’t know it because they don’t admit it, and these are celebrities whose posters are on kids’ walls.’

“At least I have the balls to stand up and say I made a mistake.”

And Tulisa says she's brought those balls to The X Factor as well, saying of TV bosses: “They don’t tell me what to do.”

Speaking about the pressure and fame she's about to put under with The X Factor returning to TV screens in a week's time, Tulisa joked: “I was born ready”.

She added: “Whether I like it or not is a different story…..but I will be able to handle it.”

But is she ready ready...?

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