One Direction reveal what they look for in a girlfriend (listen up, girls!)

Liam Payne - 1 Direction

X Factor stars One Direction release their debut single 'What Makes You Beautiful' next month, so what better question to ask the boys then what is they think makes a potential girlfriend beautiful to them! Listen up girls, because with One Direction now all single this information could come in handy!

"Louis and I have similar tastes," Harry explains, "Obviously, we like a girl to be attractive but it’s all about the banter – STANDARD!"

He continued: "And I like a babe with a talent – you need to be good at something. Like tennis! Now, that’s cool. (At this point the rest of the group roll around the floor laughing like hyenas, shouting ‘Tennis? Why?!’)."

And the cheeky teenager also revealed his crush on Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack, saying: "If Caroline Flack is reading this, say ‘Hi’ from me. She is gorgeous!


Meanwhile Zayn, who split from fellow X Factor finalist Rebecca Ferguson last month, explained: "I look for depth. I like a looker but intelligent girls are hot. If I were to pull a celebrity it’d be Jessica Alba or Megan Fox. Either will do!"

Liam told the official ITV1 X Factor website: "I find shy girls so cute and endearing. I don’t like girls who are all up in your face. A nice pair of peepers helps too."

Louis, who recently parted from long-term girlfriend Hannah Walker, added: "A good sense of humour gets me going! It’s all about ‘The Vibe.’ That’s my catchphrase by the way!

"And I like a girl who keeps me on my toes. Play hard to get, girls!"

Finally Niall revealed: "I like ‘em cute but not super-sexy as that can be intimidating. I fancy Brooke Vincent from Corrie and Kate Middleton."

One Direction's single 'What Makes You Beautiful' is available to pre-order now and can be downloaded from September 11.

> VIDEO: Listen to One Direction's single 'What Makes You Beautiful'!

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