Cher Lloyd tells this year's X Factor hopefuls to keep a low profile!

Cher Lloyd

Last year's X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd has told this year's hopefuls that they need to keep their heads down to be a success on the show. Speaking to the Sugarscape website earlier this week, the teenager added there was no pressure to win the ITV1 reality contest.

With The X Factor 2011 bootcamp set to start this weekend, Cher advised the remaining hopefuls: “Run away. Get out now!

"I’m joking, just keep your head down. Don’t get involved with everything and don’t go in a little dream world thinking that everything’s all fair and nice."

The 18-year-old, who finished fourth on last year's show, added that wannabe singers just needed to keep focused and didn’t need to worry about coming top of the public vote.

She said: “Work hard as well, and get as far as you can. Even if you just get fifth or fourth it’s amazing.

"I didn’t win so and I turned out alright... I think. Yeah.”

Cher's debut single 'Swagger Jagger' is out now.

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