Tulisa Contostavlos 'feels pressurised to look good' on The X Factor, says dad

Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa Contostavlos' dad has said that he reckons the N-Dubz singer feels pressurised to look good on The X Factor, even if she isn’t showing it. Plato Contostavlos made the comments in The Sun newspaper today after it was revealed Tulisa spent £12,000 to have her teeth whitened and capped.

He told the tabloid: "She's had her teeth done for £12k, why not if it makes her feel better?

"I want to have mine done for £20k. She's beautiful in my eyes because she's my daughter, but it's every girl's dream to improve and to want to look even more beautiful."


He continued: "It's the industry she is in, she needs to look her best. She doesn't tell me she feels pressurised to look good since she joined The X Factor but she's a girl, she's young, of course she does.

"That's the showbiz life she's chosen and she wants to stay in it and do well."

It comes as the hip hop star says she'd rather be wearing her tracksuits to the auditions than glam dresses.

Despite X Factor bosses providing the new judge with a budget rumoured to be around £70,000 to give herself a ‘fashion makeover’ ahead of the new series, Tulisa insisted: “If it was up to me I’d come out in a tracksuit every day.”

Speaking to the Daily Star earlier this week, she added: “I want a vajazzled tracksuit! That would be amazing.”

Meanwhile it's been revealed that Tulisa is set to fly her hopefuls out to see her dad and other family in Greece as part of judges' houses next month.

She said: “I’ve not decided for certain, but I’ve suggested my granny’s house in Greece.”

The X Factor 2011 starts later this month.

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