No X Factor fashion battle between Kelly Rowland and Tulisa, insist their stylists!

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland and Tulisa Contostavlos' stylists have insisted that there's no secret fashion battle going on between the pair of new X Factor judges! In an interview on the official X Factor website, Mekel Bailey said the duo have been getting on really well since joining the show back in June.

There have been rumours that the pair were 'at war' with one another after being given different clothing budgets by X Factor bosses.

But Kelly's stylist Mekel Bailey insisted: "No way! There is no battle of the dresses or competitiveness.

"They get on really well and focus on what they are there for – to judge talent!"


Speaking about Kelly's style for the X Factor, which starts next week, Mekel explained: "[It's] Mega glam! Kelly always tells me to dress her provocatively but respectively. She’s very sexy and all those work-outs mean she is very comfortable in her own skin."

Meanwhile Tulisa's fashion X-pert (geddit?) Gemma Sheppard, who has previously worked with former X Factor judge Dannii Minogue, said she was having fun transforming the N-Dubz singer's look.

"A great outfit should always start with a shoe! I figure out the footwear first and then work my way up. Tulisa’s very versatile - she looks equally as stunning in high-end designer as she does in more street, urban wear," she told the website earlier this week.

Asked what's been her favourite look from Tulisa at this year's auditions, Gemma explained: "I love the futuristic Alexander McQueen dress she wore to the London auditions.

"We made it even more show-stopping by sewing in shoulder pads just before she walked the red carpet."

Tulisa however didn't seem that impressed by any of her looks, saying earlier this week: “If it was up to me I’d come out in a tracksuit every day."

Meanwhile despite all the comments, Kelly and her team are said to be annoyed after X Factor bosses gave Tulisa a bigger clothing budget for the show. Tulisa was reportedly given £70,000, in a bid to overcome her ‘chav style’, while Kelly was given £40,000.

A source said: “Even though they’re having a laugh about it to each other’s faces, behind closed doors there’s a proper style war going on.”

The X Factor 2011 starts on August 20

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