Cher Lloyd given a tongue-lashing after trashing her hotel room!

Cher Lloyd

Record bosses have reportedly given Cher Lloyd a tongue-lashing after she trashed her hotel room, leaving cigarette butts and burn marks across her posh five star room. Accoridng to The Sun, Cher said she didn't like living out of a suitcase and wanted to head back home to Malvern.

The paper says that the 18-year-old left her suite in an "unacceptable condition" after staying overnight while on a promo tour for her debut single, 'Swagger Jagger'.

An insider told the tabloid: "The room looked a right state. There were fag butts and ash everywhere. It didn't look pretty at all.


"She got a serious dressing-down from bosses for her behaviour after management and her label had to patch things up with the hotel."

However they added: "They couldn't be too hard on her though - she is selling records and doing well. She won't be doing it again in a hurry."

Cher, currently top of the charts with her track, admitted she was a keen smoker and couldn't wait to head back home.

She said: "The first thing I do when I get home to Malvern is get in my pyjamas and have a cheeky fag with me mum in the makeshift conservatory that always leaks when it rains."

"I'm in hotels and it's not nice. I prefer it at home where my mum does my washing."

Stil, not the worst thing teenagers can get up to...

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