One Direction want to follow Cher Lloyd to the top spot with their debut single


One Direction are hoping to become the second of last year's X Factor finalists to hit the top spot with their debut single, following in the steps of Cher Lloyd who is currently number one with 'Swagger Jagger'. Speaking to MTV, the boys praised the track.

Harry Styles told the website: “I spoke to her the other week, just to say that I liked the video. It’s very abstract. It’s cool and it’s a great song.”

Louis Tomlinson added: “It’s a bit like the Black Eyed Peas.”


The boys are set to release their debut single 'What Makes You Beautiful' next month and say Cher's success has made them realise how successful hey could become.

“It’s a bit of a wake up call," the group said, "You kind of realise how successful you can be off the back of X Factor.”

“She’s off the same show as us and she’s doing so well for herself and if we get a little bit of that success, we will be doing pretty well.”

Liam added: “It brings it to life that we are are going to be releasing a single in a few weeks. It’s just been us out there recording and now we are actually going to be releasing something.”

The group premiere their debut single today from 8AM on BBC Radio 1.

> VIDEO: Clip of One Direction's debut single 'What Makes You Beautiful'

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