Cher Lloyd's friends worried that the teenager is "struggling to cope" with fame

Cher Lloyd

Poor Cher Lloyd! Despite hitting the top spot in this week's charts with her debut single, friends of the singer have revealed all is not well behind the scenes. Sources close to the teenager have said that pals are worried that the 18-year-old is "struggling to cope" with the pressure of fame.

It comes as rather depressing comments from Cher saw her admit to having no friends. "I don't have one single school friend left," she said in an interview this month. "I don't feel like I've changed but people around me have."

Cher added: "You find out who your true mates are... my mum and dad, that's it."

Speaking to Reveal, sources close to the 'Swagger Jagger' singer said people were worried how the youngster was coping with her hectic schedule and a very negative reception from the public, despite a number one single.


"Cher is a workhorse, she puts everything into her music and she's completely passionate about it," the source told Reveal magazine this week. "But she cuts a very lonely figure outside that environment.

"She doesn't have any friends left and although she's out and about for work, she tends to hide herself away if she's off duty."

The source added: "Those close to her are worried that Cher's struggling to cope."

And they revealed Cher was finding it hard to take criticism: "If someone says anything bad about her music she storms off."

Meanwhile fears have been cast over the singer's weight following an appearance at BBC Radio 1 on Sunday. An onlooker told The Sun: "Cher normally gives the impression of being a cocky know-it-all with a big attitude - but she looked like a tiny sparrow outside Radio 1."

"People were pretty shocked."

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