Ashley Cole "terrified" Simon Cowell will talk Cheryl out of getting back with him!

Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole

Ashley Cole is reportedly panicking after Simon Cowell revealed he was back in contact with Cheryl Cole. According to Now magazine this week, Ashley is "terrified" that Simon will undo his months of work in winning Cheryl back by talking her out of any reunion.

Simon last week told press and he and Cheryl had texted following their friendship breakdown over The X Factor USA.

A source revealed: "Ashley's aware that Simon's a huge influence on Cheryl.

"She's always respected his opinion and he helped her get over her marriage split. He's fully aware Simon isn't his biggest fan. Ashley's fed up of being left in limbo."


The source continued: "He's been waiting for her to give them the go ahead on going public with their romance, but he's terrified Simon will convince her to dump him god good.

"He's furious they're talking again."

However it doesn't sound as though Ashley is doing much to help matters, apparently blaming Simon for his and Cheryl's marriage break down in the first place.

"As incredible as it might sound, he blames Simon for the demise of his marriage and fears he'll convince Cheryl that she's better off without him," the insider explained.

And it sounds as though Ashley could have a point. It was previously claimed that Simon had "pressured" Cheryl into divorcing Ashley last year, in the build up to The X Factor USA. "Simon told her she’d have no career in America if she [stayed with Ashley]," a source said at the time.

Meanwhile the source added: "Ash has pleaded with her to give him an answer once and for all."

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