Cheryl Cole still feeling humiliated by X Factor USA drama

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is reportedly still feeling humiliated by the drama surrounding her X Factor USA axe, following new comments by FOX bosses and Simon Cowell about her apparent firing from the show. Sources say that the Geordie singer is feeling "completely let down" by Cowell.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror yesterday, a source said: “Cheryl completely trusted Simon and he completely let her down.

“He told her the US X Factor would be the making of her and then he dumped her at the first sign of trouble.”

The insider claimed Cheryl had yet to move on from the events, adding: "She was humiliated on both sides of the Atlantic in the most public way possible.


“Even now, she has still not completely got over it and it may be a long time before she even thinks of relaunching her career.”

The claims come after Simon Cowell and FOX execs revealed more details about what happened behind the scenes on the show in May of this year. Speaking at a press conference in the states on Friday, Cowell said: “There was a few of us who made the decision, that Cheryl would be more comfortable in the UK show,” Simon confessed at the event.

The music mogul revealed how the move had little to do with Cheryl having problems in the US, but was rather just a ploy to drum up publicity for the UK version of the show.

“I thought Cheryl returning back to the UK would have been a big headline and good for the show over there and good for her,” he admitted.

FOX bosses conceded that the Geordie singer was actually a great judge on the American show.

“The crowd was great with her,” President of Alternative Entertainment for FOX, Mike Darnell, told Access Hollywood .

The X Factor USA launches on September 21 on FOX.

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