Nicole Scherzinger boasts: Simon Cowell can't get rid of me!

Nicole Scherzinger

X Factor USA judge Nicole Scherzinger has stuck the boot into Cheryl Cole, boasting this week: Simon Cowell can't get rid of me! The former Pussycat Doll singer, who is now releasing solo music, replaced Cheryl on the American show after Simon axed the Geordie singer.

Speaking about her role on the first ever US version of the reality talent show, Nicole exclaimed: "Simon can't get rid of me.

"I love our big dysfunctional family."

That's sure not going to impress Cheryl.


And the sexy songstress, who also stepped in for Cheryl on The X Factor UK last year, hinted Cowell wasn't showing any signs of missing the Girls Aloud babe sitting next to him, with the music mogul having plenty of fun winding up Paula.

"Simon knows how to get under her skin like nobody else," she said. "It's crazy. She starts throwing stuff at him and everything."

"It's like I always say, L.A. Reid and I get the front row tickets to The Sonny and Cher Show."

Nicole will make her debut on the US X Factor on September 21 on FOX, where Cheryl will be introduced as a guest judge at the LA and Chicago auditions.

The series is expected to air on ITV2 later this year.

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