VIDEO: Clip of One Direction's debut single 'What Makes You Beautiful'


One Direction's debut single hat Makes You Beautiful is out next month, and the group have released the teaser of all teasers, uploading a 10 second snippet of the track! Featuring just one and a half words of the song, the clip does however seem to show that the song samples Grease's Summer Nights.

The boys played the clip on a trip to BBC Radio 1 yesterday in a chat to Scott Mills, where it was revealed 'What Makes You Beautiful' will premiere in full on The Chris Moyles Show on August 10 from 8AM.

The song, an up-tempo number, is written by The X Factor’s vocal coach Savan Kotecha, who has worked with almost every X Factor finalist since the show started. Rami Yacoub and Carl Falk co-wrote and produced the song with Savan.


‘What Makes You Beautiful’ will be released for download by Simon Cowell's SYCO record label on September 11 and in stores on September 12.

So, what can we tell from the clip?

1. The instrumental is sampling the hit Grease track 'Summer Nights'
2. Liam Payne kicks off the song
3. The first word is 'You're'
4. The second word starts with 'Ins'
5. The song sounds like it may be quite good (YES WE ARE BASING THAT ON THIS 10 SECOND CLIP, OK?)

So, let's take a listen...

Could be good, no?

> One Direction's debut single 'What Makes You Beautiful' out on September 12

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