Tulisa's bandmate Dappy has been moaning about The X Factor being 'unfair' again!

Tulisa Contostavlos

It's no secret that N-Dubz aren't the biggest fans of The X Factor, so Tulisa's appointment as a judge was somewhat of a surprise in that respect. It hasn't changed bandmate Dappy's views on the hit ITV1 reality show however, complaining yet again today about how unfair the show is.

"For X Factor, you have to stand in a queue and you're not famous but after that first audition you get people coming up to you asking for pictures for the next six months - whether you win or lose," he told The Sun today.

He added: "So you're famous coming out of that one audition. The broadcasting is massive for that.


The hip hop rapper, who has been very vocal about his dislike for the show - despite appearing on ITV2's The Xtra Factor - continued to whinge: "But it's not fair that people like us, we struggle how many years trying to get success? These people go and do one or two auditions and they come back famous for six or seven months - just like that.

"And it's a dream come true for them, just because of the coverage.

"Wagner is a great man but talent-wise he hasn't really got any. But women come up to him and ask him for pictures - I mean what is going on? I'm not jealous of Wagner. I love Wagner."

And the 24-year-old insisted there was no chance of him being a guest judge or mentor on the show, because he'd be "too brutal".

He explained: "If I think you're cr**, I'm going to say to you 'you're cr**'."

However, despite all of his complaints, Dappy did reveal he is planning on performing alongside Tulisa as part of N-Dubz to cash in on the show's 15 million strong audience.

Watch The X Factor 2011 promo video below..

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