Simon Cowell offered Cheryl Cole a lot of money "to go back a hero" to The X Factor UK

Cheryl Cole

Simon Cowell has claimed he offered Cheryl Cole a lot of money to return to The X Factor UK as a "hero" following her axe in the US. Speaking to American publication Life & Style Weekly this week, Simon added the that Cheryl was still "grumpy" with him.

Revealing that he hadn't spoken to Cheryl since her axe on the show, Simon explained: "I am sorry the way it worked out as we were incredibly close.

"Trying to get her to understand what I did, it was never meant to be negative. It was a decision I thought was the right one, and I think she is more comfortable in England than I saw her here."


Simon, who replaced Cheryl with then co-host Nicole Scherzinger, continued: "Maybe I didn’t give her enough time, and you have to be in the moment."

And the X Factor boss confirmed reports that he had offered Cheryl Cole her seat on the UK panel back, giving her the chance to return to the show "a hero".

"I offered her the show, and initially she accepted it," he explained. "Then it went public that she didn’t and had the chance to still come back, but for whatever reason I couldn’t get her (on the phone). Unless I spoke to her, there was no way I would have her back.

"She is still grumpy with me. I can look myself in the mirror and say I wasn’t being mean. I offered her a lot of money to go back as a hero, and it didn’t work out."

But while the pair still aren't talking, Simon insisted he knew she wouldn't hold her grudge forever.

"I think when you have the history we have, you’ll eventually work it out," he said.

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