Louis Walsh: The X Factor is like "Big Brother meets Jerry Springer"!

Louis Walsh

X Factor 2011 judge Louis Walsh has described the talent show as "Big Brother meets Jerry Springer", saying that the programme gives some contestants a "massive reality show". Speaking about the 'Big Brother' aspect of the series, Louis insisted every move the contestants make is being watched!

“People don’t realise the pressure that these acts are under, especially when they’re competing with everybody else backstage," Louis said.

"It’s very gruelling, and it’s ten weeks of very intense performance. Everything you say and do is being watched."

He added: “It’s like Big Brother meets Jerry Springer.”

“I think it’s a massive reality check for some people,” Louis continued before defending the show, “Nobody forces anybody to go to an audition."


Meanwhile Louis said that this year's show was set to be the best ever for talent: "The standard is higher and the really good ones are better than any other year."

And the Irish music mogul said the introduction of the live audience two years ago had made the programme bigger, better and "more real."

He explained: "The live audience is great – at first it was a bit loud and I couldn’t hear myself – but it makes the show bigger and better. It makes the whole thing more real.”

Walsh also added that it was important to pay “no attention to the crowd’s response”, saying “they don’t understand what it takes to develop a pop act.

“There’s no point putting someone through just because the audience like them. They don’t know what we know. That’s why we are judges… It doesn’t sway my opinion.”

Louis this year is joined by new panel members Kelly Rowland, Tulisa Contostavlos and Gary Barlow on this year's eighth series, but insists that despite the changes to the line up the goal has remaining the same.

“We’re always looking for someone that’s going to be successful and make a career of it and be an all-round entertainer. People who have longevity and will be around in ten years’ time," he said.

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