Alexandra Burke loves spending time with Cheryl Cole (don't let Cher Lloyd know!)

Alexandra Burke and Cheryl Cole

Former X Factor winner Alexandra Burke has said she loves spending time with her former mentor Cheryl Cole, even revealing how the pair often share dinner together! We can only hope Cher Lloyd doesn’t read this, with the teenager annoyed by Cheryl snubbing her!

Alexandra, who won the show in 2008, said she 'really connected' with the Girls Aloud star during her first audition almost three years ago.

“I remember being super nervous when I first met her,” Alexandra recalled. “I remember saying to my sister ‘Oh my god, I just want to touch her’!

“Then I got to hug her, and it was just a dream come true.”


Alex, who recently parted ways from Simon Cowell's Syco record label, continued: “Out of all the judges her sparkle in the eye was just amazing, I mean we really connected on the first audition.

“Then when I got to know her that’s when I was like ‘This woman is powerful, I’m in love with her!’

“It’s crazy I can even call her my friend. We eat spaghetti bolognaise when I go around her house, and she cooks it!”

Cher Lloyd meanwhile has spent the past week moaning about how Cheryl Cole hasn't spoken to her since last year's final. She whinged yesterday: “I haven’t heard from her since the show. She’s doing her own thing. What can you expect, eh? Poor me, ha ha.”

And in another blow to Cher, X Factor 2009 winner Joe McElderry said last month he too was still "good friends" with Cheryl.

He said: "She’s in America at the minute, she text me when I was in [Popstar to Operastar] and I’ll no doubt speak to her when she gets back. We speak regularly."

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