Shayne Ward 'broke down in tears' when Simon Cowell dropped him

Shayne Ward

Shayne Ward has admitted he was overcome with emotion when Simon Cowell dropped him earlier this year, revealing that the music mogul didn't even bother to speak to him about it. Talking to the Daily Mail this week, Shayne claimed the last time he spoke to Simon Cowell was during his performance on last year's show.

Shayne, who won the hit reality show in 2005, was dropped by Simon's Syco label following the release his third album last autumn.

"Simon wasn’t there to tell me himself. That performance last year was the last time I spoke to him," Shayne explained to the newspaper.


He continued: "I knew it was going to happen, but of course you’re sad. I was fine for a moment and then all of a sudden the tears came.

"Even though you prepare yourself, it gets you. I’d been with them for six years. Of course I cried. I didn’t hide it. I just said: 'I’m not going away.' "

The 26-year-old singer blamed the flop of his last record on being away from the music scene for so long. "I went away for three years. Being away from something you love doing for that length of time was rubbish. I lost a good fan base," he said.

"It’s easy for your soul to be broken in this industry because it’s so fickle. People will say hello to you one day and then they’ll stab you in the back when you’re not working for them."

Shayne is now appearing in new West End musical Rock Of Ages alongside Justin Lee Collins.

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