X Factor's Gary Barlow found song writing inspiration in... toothpaste!

Gary Barlow

Those X Factor 2011 hopefuls heading off to bootcamp in a week's time might want to listen up, because new judge Gary Barlow has given some insightful song writing tips. The Take That, who joins the reality show this year, says he found inspiration for wiring in everyday items, including toothpaste!

Following the breakup of Take That in the 1990's, Gary moved to LA where he found himself going from huge star to complete nobody, but the 40-year-lold says that being able to do the everyday chores again inspired him to write music,

"It was great. I was doing stuff I hadn't done for ten years," he tells The Sun today. "I would walk into a supermarket and go, 'Wow, look at all the brands of toothpaste - this is unbelievable.'

"I had a year of getting my life back and I watched my son cough, sneeze and walk for the first time."


The award winning writer and singer however admitted to struggling to find lyrics before his move to the states. "I don't know if it was writer's block because I would come up with stuff but it was just rubbish.

"I've always had a good ear, my intuition is good with new music, but I knew straight away that nothing I was coming up with was any good.

"Most of what you do - the big part of you - is gone, it's evaporated. Your question is, 'Is it going to come back?'"

"I ended up with no confidence as a writer."

Thanks to his weekly shopping however Gary 'rediscovered his mojo', moved back to the UK and now some years later is a judge on The X Factor 2011!

And Gary's influence is already being felt on the show, with this year's hopefuls being challenge with song writing classes as part of the bootcamp stage of the competition.

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