Sinitta says Simon Cowell should've never hired Cheryl Cole for The X Factor USA

Sinitta and Simon

X Factor's blabbermouth Sinitta has given her much awaited opinion on Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole's X Factor USA drama, saying that the music mogul was wrong to ever considering taking the Geordie star stateside. Speaking to the Daily Mirror today, Sinitta said she "didn't understand" why Chezza was chosen.

21-year-old Sinitta told the tabloid this morning: “I did think it was odd in the beginning that Cheryl went. I didn’t voice my opinion so much because I knew people would just think I was being jealous.

“But it’s not that I didn’t want her to do it, it’s just that I couldn’t understand why she was there, except that she and Simon are very funny together.


“But it’s usually hard to take a lead from an English show to America and vice versa. They’re not known enough over there.”

The 'So Macho' singer - who has been involved with the reality show since the beginning as Simon's right-hand woman - said that the UK version was now missing Cheryl's input.

“It makes a big difference ­without her,” she said. “I’ve been to some of the auditions and whereas I didn’t miss them as such, it was like I was at a ­completely different show. And I liked it.

“I’d got used to watching the Tom and Jerry antics between Simon and Cheryl and Louis being bitchy and jealous, saying Cheryl was ­Simon’s little pet. Now all those dynamics are gone.”

Meanwhile Sinitta was left moaning earlier this week when it was rumoured Mariah Carey would be taking her spot at judges' houses on The X Factor USA.

Sinitta wrote on Twitter: "First response to the now OFFICIAL news that the Diva's Diva =Mariah Carey aka MIMI is to replace me on USA XF-S TOLD ME HIMSELF [sic]"

At least one good decision by Simon, then...

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