Robbie Williams hits out at The X Factor... for focusing too much on singing!

Take That on The X Factor

New X Factor judge Gary Barlow has found out today that his fellow Take That pals aren't too fond of the show, with Howard Donald and Robbie Williams both hitting out at the format. Bizarrely however, Robbie's main problem with the show was that it focused on singing too much!

“Most shows like this, you’ve got to sing in-tune, sing in key. And I’ve managed to sell 60 million albums without doing either of those thing," Robbie (very honestly) said today.

He continued: “I’m an all right singer, but it’s not the most important thing. It’s everything – image, performance, it’s the soap opera of the person’s life and it’s whatever you project.


The voice has very little to do with it. Madonna’s not the best singer, but I love to listen to her. The good singers are in the band behind us.”

Guess we can rule Robbie out from judging The Voice then meanwhile.

Meanwhile Howard Donald said the show failed in its job to find long-term stars. “You get a lot of these winners in England who win the X Factor," he told the Daily Mirror today. “Basically they go straight to No.1 so they’ve had no idea how to cope with the success – and the success comes to them really quickly.

“They must find it more difficult.

“Normally a year later they are not in the limelight any more – they’ve disappeared.”

Still, we're sure the group will jump at the chance to flog their new single on the show later this year...

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