Definitely true: Ashley Cole hires 'SAS minder' to keep girls away so he can win back Cheryl

Cheryl Cole

Ashley Cole is said to be splashing out £1,000 a day on a SAS-trained minder to keep girls away so he focus on winning back ex-wife Cheryl Cole. The story, which appears in today's Daily Star, goes on to suggest the move is all part of Ashley's plan to mend his public image.

A pal of the footie star revealed: “Ashley does have problems getting mobbed by autograph hunters and Cheryl fans furious at the way he treated her.

“But one of the main reasons he has a new minder is because he knows he needs protection from predatory girls – and to be saved from himself."


The supposed friend continued: “He knows that if he’s let loose on fans on his own he might repeat his same old mistakes. And he doesn’t want to be exposed in kiss-and-tells that will mess things up for good with Cheryl.

“He thinks it’s a good investment if it keeps him on the straight and narrow.”

The tabloid claims Ashley first hired security to protect him from the "predatory girls" back while in the States back in June, but with three women claiming to have bedded the star while he was in LA, it doesn't sound as though it went completely to plan.

Ashley’s pal said: “Hopefully his British minder is stricter on him and stops this kind of thing altogether.”

With the temptation now gone, Ashley is said to be focusing on winning back Cheryl. “He’s always reminding her of when they were happy, like when he proposed during a sandstorm in Dubai," a source said.

“Cheryl’s all over the place because she’s worrying whether she’ll ever have that ‘perfect’ future she craves and her family are still warning her off Ashley.”

> Ashley Cole blames his cheating on getting married to Cheryl Cole!

* We've really no idea if this is true or not. Probably not.

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