Ashley Cole blames his cheating on getting married to Cheryl Cole!

Cheryl Cole

A former Miss Ireland who says she spent the night with Ashley Cole earlier this year has claimed the footie star blamed his cheating on getting married to Cheryl Cole. Blonde beauty Collette McBarron revealed how, as the pair lay in bed together, Ashley confessed why he was unable to keep it in his pants.

Collette, who spent the night with Ashley at his former marital home back in May, said Ashley found it "hard" getting married to Cheryl back in 2006.

Ashley apparently explained: "You go from being someone's boyfriend to being their husband; it changes quite a lot of things. When you're a boyfriend you don't feel so much responsibility towards that person.”


He continued: "When you're dating, you're out partying; you're out having a laugh with the boys. That changes when you're a husband. When you're a husband you can’t act in a way you would have done if you were a boyfriend."

Asked specifically why he betrayed Cheryl, Ashley just sighed.

"It seemed like he didn’t really know the answer," Collette said, "I thought it was odd he didn’t mention Cheryl by name.

"That conversation was the only time he talked about her during all the time we spent together and he referred to her only as 'that person'."

Instead, the horny Chelsea defender tried it on with Collette. She says: "He kissed me and I kissed him back. I know he wanted to take things further but I said no.

"I could help but think: ‘If he's doing this to me, how many other girls has he done it with?’"


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