Cheryl Cole thinks Simon Cowell was right to axe her from The X Factor USA!

Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is reportedly "ready to be friends again" with Simon Cowell, following the pair's arguments over The X Factor USA. Cheryl apparently felt "deeply betrayed" by Simon when she was axed from the show, but now feels that the music mogul made the right choice.

Cheryl was given the chop from the first American series of the hit reality series after filming just four audition shows, replaced by previous co-host Nicole Scherzinger.

Cheryl is said to have told pals: "I can see that Simon didn't do this to me on purpose. I'm ready to be friends again."

Meanwhile a source close to the duo tells Star magazine this week: "Cheryl feels like enough time has passed and she wants to move on from the whole sorry debacle.


"With the benefit of hindsight, she knows now that Simon did fight for her, and she realises it was awful for him, too. They have spoken a few times and they plan to meet up next time they are both in London or LA."

Chezza had previously cut all ties with Simon, ignoring his calls and snubbing offers from ITV to return to The X Factor UK.

"She just lashed out because she was hurt by what happened," the source said.

However they continued: "But she feels like she's in a better place now - physically and emotionally."

It sounds as though Cheryl has given up on trying to make it as a reality telly judge, and is now instead focusing on what's supposedly good at: Singing.

"She's throwing herself into work and hasn't given up on cracking the states," the insider explained.

"Cheryl's already recorded four amazing tracks, and with Simon's help, she can be a superstar there."

Cheryl's third solo album is expected later this year.

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