One Direction told to dump their girlfriends to get more fans!


We did find it strange for all of One Direction to suddenly become single, just weeks away from releasing their debut single, and it seems as though those suspicions were correct. According to heat magazine this week, the boys were all told to dump their girlfriends!

Zayn had to ‘get rid’ of fellow X Factor contestant girlfriend Rebecca Ferguson, despite the mum-of-two confessing to being "genuinely in love" with the 18-year-old just a month back.

Meanwhile Louis Tomlinson was forced to let long-term beau Hannah Walker down lightly, with the boys told being single would make their more appealing to fans.

An insider told the magazine this week: "The boys were seemingly rounded up by their advisors and old that as their main market will be teenage girls, it would be best if they were single."


The source revealed: "There was more pressure on Zayn, who is the bands number one totty and the main singer because he's so fit."

And here we naively thought the main singer would be the most talented one!

However it sounds as though Zayn and Rebecca could be getting back together very soon, with the 'number one totty' finding it hard to let go of the Liverpudlian lass.

"Zayn thinks they still have a future, but is asking for Rebeeca to be patient with him while he follows his dreams," the insider explained.

"He told her he wants to focus on his career for the next few months and felt he couldn't give her and her children enough time and that would be unfair."

The good news for fans is that Liam Payne said the group would be up for dating their fans, although now can't help but think he was just told to say that...

> Good news, One Direction fans, the boys are now ALL single!

> Laim Payne says One Direction are up for dating their fans!

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