Steve Jones on 'squirrel-like' Simon Cowell, 'wild' Paula Abdul and 'karaoke Queen' Nicole Scherzinger...

Simon Cowell

It sounds as though Brit Steve Jones is having an absolute blast hosting The X Factor USA, let's just hope Dermot O'Leary doesn't read this! The Welsh-born telly presenter, who is now the sole host of The American version of the show, has been hitting it off with the judges...

Speaking to The Sun today, Steve described the experience of fronting what is set to be the world's biggest TV show as "a dream".

He explained: "It's as if somebody said to me, 'How do you want everything you ever wanted?' I've gone, 'That would be nice.' And they've gone, 'Here it is.' That's how it feels."


Discussing his fellow judges, Steve said: "Paula is just wild. She takes forever to get ready and is always late - but that's Paula.

"Me and Scherzinger have hit it off big time. We became very close very quickly. We hit the karaoke like my life depended on it in Miami and did a rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

"Simon is difficult to get out. He's like a bloody hermit. He stays in his penthouse in whichever city we are filming just hatching plans."

And according to Steve, there's nothing Simon likes more than a mouthful of nuts.

"The other weird thing I've noticed is he's like a squirrel - he just eats nuts all the time," the hunky host laughed, "During the filming of the show, every time I look at the monitor he's got a mouthful of nuts and is munching."

The X Factor USA premieres on September 21 on FOX. It will be shown on ITV2 here in the UK.

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