Simon Cowell splashes out on Christian Louboutin shoes for Cher Lloyd's 18th birthday

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd may say she has few friends, but we're not sure what else to call someone who'll happily splash out hundreds of pounds on a pair of shoes for you? X Factor boss Simon Cowell apparently did just that, buying the 18-year-old a pair Christian Louboutin leather trainers for her 18th birthday last week.

But despite the huge milestone in her life (turning 18, not getting the shoes!), the youngster wasn't after a big celebration bash - just a private affair which would see the teenager "downing a few shots and dancing in a club”.

And the present from Simon comes as Cher heaps praise on the man she calls "The Boss".

She tells the Sunday Mirror this week she looks up to the music mogul - and would one day love to emulate him

“Truth is, I’d love to be like Simon. I really look up to him and everything he has achieved," Cher said.

"I want to be a big businesswoman. One day I’d like my own record label to give other artists the chance to get their music out there.”

> Cher Lloyd says she wants to become the female Simon Cowell!

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