Tory MP slams The X Factor for hiring "poor role model" Tulisa Contosatavlos as a judge!

Tulisa Contostavlos

Tory MP Nadine Dorries has slammed The X Factor for hiring Tulisa Contostavlos as a judge on this year's show, saying the 23-year-old "falls way short of the mark" of what a good role model should be! The comments come after Tulisa admitted in a recent interview to losing her virginity at 14.

The youngster even said she was "lucky" to lose it such a young age, adding also how she smoked weed, took part in underage drinking and shoplifted.

Tulisa said: "I smoked weed when I was a kid and got into fights. We did pinch a couple of handbags. I wasn’t part of a girl gang, though. We were just a group of troublesome chicks. Obviously, we were consuming so much weed and alcohol, we were going loopy anyway.”


Nadine Dorries however wasn't impressed by Tulisa's revelations, moaning in the Daily Mail (of course): "Providing strong mentors who young, impressionable people can look up to should be what X Factor is and what it’s about."

(And here we thought it was a singing contest)

Dorries continued to complain: "The choice of Tulisa, unfortunately falls way short of the mark."

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