Savan Kotecha hits out at "online bullying" against Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd

X Factor vocal coach and A&R for Sony Music, Savan Kotecha has hit out at "online bullying" against Cher Lloyd, describing the comments apparently 40/50-year-old adults as "the most vile". The music writer added how, in the US, people see Cher's attitude as confidence rather than arrogance.

Savan, who has worked with a number of X Factor stars over the years - including Leona Lewis, JLS and Alexandra Burke, told Music Week: "It’s interesting to me the whole perception of Cher – what people don’t seem to like her for is what I like her for!

"We, in the US, see it as confidence whereas they (in the UK) see it as arrogance. I didn’t expect it to be so polarising."

The Britney Spears hitmaker added: "It’s online bullying really, and it’s mostly adults which is the sad thing, 40/50-year-old men and women saying the most vile things."


Cher Lloyd however was a lot more less concerned about those who haven't fallen in love with her.

“Critics are always going to be there no matter what you do,” she tells the Sunday Mirror today.

“I never expected ­everyone to love my music. I just ignore anyone that doesn’t like it – they don’t have to listen. I’m not stopping until I have a Bentley like Simon has got – how cool would that be?”

Speaking about the release of her debut single 'Swagger Jagger' this week, the 18-year-old explained: “We all made the decision that Swagger Jagger should be my first single. I am very proud of the track and it was one of the first tracks I recorded and I instantly loved it.

"I think the song lyrics highlight what’s happening now. People will keep writing/tweeting about me, even if they love or hate me"

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