Cher Lloyd says she wants to become the female Simon Cowell!

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd has said she'd like to become the female Simon Cowell, giving others the chance to release their music. Speaking to the Sunday Mirror today, Cher also insisted she doesn't see herself as famous or even an X Factor finalist, but just simply "well known".

"I don’t even feel like an X Factor contestant to start with," she tells the newspaper. "There’s no way I could have released anything that wasn’t true to me.

“I don’t really see myself as being famous. I’m just well-known. I’m coping well with it all, I think. My whole life has changed, but I’m ­learning something new every day.


“I’m no big drama – I just get on with it and don’t care. I don’t expect too much and in return don’t expect too much from me.”

The 18-year-old also denied reports suggesting Simon Cowell was getting "fed up" of her diva antics. “I don’t even have an entourage," Cher protested. “It’s usually just me and my ­manager Georgie.

"We keep ­everything pretty low-key, there’s certainly not loads of people running around after me.”

And on Simon Cowell, the youngster couldn't be more complimentary. She says: “He told me not to change and not let people tell me what do to. He said listen to people that know best, but always do what your gut says is right. He’s a good man.

“Truth is, I’d love to be like Simon. I really look up to him and everything he has achieved. I want to be a big businesswoman. One day I’d like my own record label to give other artists the chance to get their music out there.”

Let's see how 'Swagger Jagger' does before we get ahead of ourselves...

> Simon Cowell is already getting "fed up" with "diva" Cher Lloyd!

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