So, let's talk a little bit about Swagger Jagger...

Cher Lloyd

'Swagger Jagger', on the off chance you don't already know, is the debut single from X Factor's Cher Lloyd, and the first new material to be released by any of last year's finalists (Matt Cardle’s winners single aside). It's fair to say reaction to the track has been mixed since its debut last month, and with its release this this week, we've decided to look a little more into the track's prospects...

The song has, by all accounts, split opinions. It's notched up hundreds of thousands of dislikes on YouTube, but as Justin Bieber would be quick to point out, that doesn't make you unpopular. Indeed, the track has attracted over 5 million viewers in the last three weeks, not bad for a debut single by anyone's standards.

Speaking about the song last week, Cher told Music Week: "I'm very proud of the track and it was one of the first tracks I recorded and I instantly loved it. I think the song lyrics highlight what’s happening now. People will keep writing/tweeting about me, even if they love or hate me."


Savan Kotchea - the guy with the stupid hats on last year's show - meanwhile told the industry magazine: "We knew it would be a risk with the lyrics, but we knew with such a diverse album we could take risks. We have all had enough hits to know we can take risks,... that’s the kind of negativity you want, indifference is what you don’t want.”

Head of Syco Music, Simon Cowell's record label who signed Cher after last year's competition, added: "We have absolutely no regrets on the choice of single. This is an ‘event’ record."

All fairly typical responses, but what do the most important people - music buyers - think about the track?

Interestingly, opinion from our admittedly completely unscientific Twitter survey has changed over the weeks. When we first asked our followers (follow us now!) for their thoughts last month, we were greeted by near complete dislike for the track. When we asked last week however just one person replied negatively.

The track is certainly no masterpiece, and with its nursery rhyme-esque feel it's easy to see why it annoys so many people, but it's an ear worm and seems to be a grower. The question is, can it become a hit?

In our view, how this debut single does next week will ultimately decide Cher's whole future. Pressure for anyone, let alone someone who can't yet buy a drink to calm the nerves! Syco are all about success and should 'Swagger Jagger' fail to make a significant dent in the charts, it could well be over before it's begun.

On the other hand, a hit single despite all the distaste and the lacklustre song could signal a bright future for the youngster.

We've no idea which way it'll pan out, but if you want to have your say on the matter you can buy the single from today. Or not.

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